If this were a normal year, now would be the time for a message reminding everyone that Kris Kinder is nearly upon us.
Sadly, it is far from a normal year.

To help you roam the halls of Kris Kinder in your memory, at https://sites.google.com/view/kris-kinder-history-layout/home there are the merchant layout maps for the past few years, along with contact information for merchants who have provided it. If there was something you'd wished you'd gotten, but only remember that the merchant selling it was on the end of a row and next to a potter, this might help you figure out who had it.

(An inquiry about contact info was emailed to merchants at the address they used on the registration form, but addresses may change, and not all merchants are still operating, or choose to do business online. As of the time of posting, all the info I have received has been added.
If you merchanted sometime in 2017-2019, and would like your contact info to be added, please email [log in to unmask].)

In Service,


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