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Announcing a new issue of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music: vol. 26, no. 1 (2020), JSCM is an open-access journal published by the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music.

Articles are drawn from the conference “Thirty Years of War: Henrich Schütz and Music in Protestant Germany” (Boston University, 2018). Victor Coelho, guest co-editor.


Joshua Rifkin: Glimpses of War: Schütz, the Dresden Court Chapel, and Geschichte von unten

Bettina Varwig: Music in the Thirty Years War: Towards an Emotional History of Listening

Derek Stauff: Music and the Leipzig Convention (1631)

Keith Polk: Schütz in Pre-War Dresden: Performers and Their Performance Traditions, 1615–1630

Arne Spohr: From “Seiten-Kunst” to “Fürsten Gunst”: The Careers of the Anglo-German Musicians William, Christian, and Steffen Brade in the Context of the Thirty Years War

Joanna Carter Hunt: A Tale of Two Cantors: Heinrich Grimm (1592–1637) and Thomas Selle (1599–1663) during the Thirty Years War

Hannah Spracklan-Holl: Protestantism, Patriotism, and the Idea of Germanness in a Seventeenth-Century Singspiel: Neu erfundenes FreudenSpiel genandt Friedens Sieg (1642)

Torbjørn Skinnemoen Ottersen: Echoes of Heaven, Echoes of Schütz, and Echoes of the Thirty Years War? Kreuzkantor Rudolf Mauersberger and his Dresdner Requiem


Ritual Design for the Ballet Stage: Revisiting the Turkish Ceremony in “Le bourgeois gentilhomme” (1670), ed. Hanna Walsdorf.
Geoffrey Burgess

The Sonatas of Henry Purcell: Rhetoric and Reversal, by Alon Schab.
John Cunningham

Curious & Modern Inventions: Instrumental Music as Discovery in Galileo’s Italy, by Rebecca Cypess.
Frederick Hammond

Music at the Maison Royale de Saint-Louis at Saint-Cyr, by Deborah Kauffman.
John Hajdu Heyer

The Powers of Sound and Song in Early Modern Paris, by Nicholas Hammond.
John Romey

The Golden Age of Flemish Harpsichord Making: A Study of the MIM’s Ruckers Instruments, ed. Pascale Vandervellen.
Saraswathi Shukla

Dietrich Buxtehudes geistliche Vokalwerke: Texte, Formen, Gattungen, by Olga Gero.
Paul Walker


Corbetta: La guitarre royalle. Izhar Elias, Baroque guitar.
Michael A. Bane

Juan de Navas, Aves, flores y estrellas: Tonos y arias. Música ficta. Juan de Navas, Alado cisne de nieve: Art Songs. Música ficta.
Drew Edward Davies 

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