Non-NU Email

Greetings everyone,


  1. Please find attached the final version (hopefully) of the program. And thanks to all those who helped with the edits.
  2. This is the message I received from ASSA regarding accessing sessions besides those at which you are presenting:
    1. “To view other sessions in which you are not a participant, you will need to have registered for the conference and use those registration credentials to log into the virtual program:
    2. You will click “view the program” button and continue to the platform page where you click on “view the program” and then enter those credentials. Once the program is “live,” you will be able to click a button beside the session you would like to view.
    3. Audience members will be able to ask questions via a chat box. Some chairs may enable the hand raise feature in some sessions, but generally that would be used only on smaller audience sessions. “


Best of luck to all and a very happy new year




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