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One large museum in Germany has specified it in their published call for tender like this:

Paper must comply with the Photographic Activity Test (P.A.T.) according to ISO 18916. If another paper than "Klug Conservation, Museumspapier mit Alkalipuffer, altweiß 120g, 100% gebleichte Cellulose" shall be used...

Here is the link

MfG, Hannu

On 2021-01-05 18:03, Max Caspers wrote:
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Dear all,

Over the past years we used to order our archival paper (both for labels on pins as for labels in envelopes for butterflies and dragonflies) for dry collections at Preservation Equipment. It was Byron & Weston, white 100% cotton acid-free paper, with weight varying from 105g/m2 (#28) to 135 g/m2 (#36), size A4. Apparently this is no longer being produced, so we are looking for new archival paper.   

We have requested samples from some suppliers. Though, in order to properly evaluate these, we are interested in specific standards that are used in the entomological community. We'd love to hear what paper you use, for what exact purpose and which properties you think matter most? 

Kind regards,
Max Caspers


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