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There is a full-time vacancy now open for applications at the Field Museum
of Natural History in Chicago. The description (copied below) and link to
the application form and process are available here: Collections Assistant
- Insects | Chicago, IL | The Field Museum (
< > The only
comment I will add with respect to databasing is that experience with EMu
would likely be a plus, since that is the system we use. *I have no
involvement in the application or selection process. *

Collections Assistant - Insects

The Insect Collections Assistant will assist with care and maintenance of
the Field Museum Insects, Arachnids and Myriapods Collection, focusing
specifically on processing of incoming and outgoing specimen loans, and
preparation and cataloging of newly collected material. The Insect
Collections Assistant will also help with other projects as time permits.

Applications should be submitted by February 19, 2021.

Applicants should provide a CV as well as a cover letter detailing their
qualifications and experience.

 Duties and Responsibilities

   - Assist staff with processing outgoing and incoming specimen loans,
   loan returns, accessions, deaccessions, transfers, transshipments, permits
   and custom declarations
   - Preparation, processing, and digitization of recently collected
   material and outgoing loan material
   - Contribute to and maintain records relevant to the collection (EMu
   catalog, loan invoices, accession files)
   - Participate and assist with public programs, tours, and visiting
   - Assisting with other projects as time allows, including, but not
   limited to, specimen imaging, rehousing of specimens, collection
   maintenance tasks, and specimen digitization

 Qualifications and Skills

   - Bachelor’s degree in biology (with an emphasis in Entomology) with at
   least 1 year of experience in Entomological Collections
   - Knowledge of taxonomic principles
   - Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
   - Familiarity with collection databases, digitization, and specimen
   imaging skills highly desirable
   - Knowledge of international and domestic regulations for shipment of
   biological specimens and specifically alcohol-preserved specimens
   - Familiarity with natural history research loans
   - Experience with handling insect specimens

 The Field Museum is committed to a workforce that is diverse and inclusive
and the Museum is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Field Museum strives
to create a working environment that is free of harassment, discrimination,
and retaliation, and that promotes human dignity among all staff. Realizing
that good relations between co-workers are an integral part of job
satisfaction, the Field Museum strives to create a climate of mutual
respect among all employees.
Happy New Year to all!

*Margaret K. Thayer, Ph.D.*  she/her
Curator Emerita and Lecturer (Committee on Evolutionary Biology)
Field Museum and University of Chicago
O: 312.665.7741 (direct)
Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago IL 60605 FMNH personal web page
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