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This is inextricably linked to the question 'what are the internal dimensions of drawers used in collections' and the two need to be asked together. 

In NHM London we use three sizes of drawer: 'standard lepidoptera' and 'standard other orders' (because leps are essentially 'landscape' while most other insects are 'portrait', and thus the leps get a drawer that is wider than long, while other orders get a square drawer- ). 

The third size is called 'Rothschild' and is used for large leps, saturniids, birdwings, morphos, sphingids- it is also more-or-less square and very large format

I can supply exact dimensions, but not right now



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Subject: Re: which unit tray sizes are used in which collections?
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Hi David,

Great question, letís crowdsource this into one location!

Once we polish this up we can add to the ECN website.


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Hi ECN folk!

I am working on sending back some borrowed material, and it makes sense for me to send things back in the same size unit trays used by the collections to which the material is being returned.  Because some of the material has been in my care for long enough, in some cases the sands of time have obscured the original unit trays the material was sent in. 

My question:  Is there a list anywhere of the unit tray sizes used standardly in various collections?  Obviously Cornell uses Cornell, the Cal Acad uses Cal Acad, and the USNM uses USNM, but others?  I remember a few of them, but if a list exists relating collection to the unit trays they use, I'd love to see it!  


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