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The apparent diversity of entomological pin manufacturing in the Czech Republic has been a mystery for years.  So I asked some Czech colleagues if the Czech Republic is really a hot spot for the evolution of this diversity, or is there really just one guy behind all the pins?  Some answers from them:


There is a long tradition of insect pin manufacture in the Czech Republic that has survived even through the communist era. In the 1990ties, there was a dominant company Morpho, but after some disagreements a new company Entosphinx split from it and over the time Morpho ceased to exist. We are ordering routinely Entosphinx pins.


Yes, there are several manufacturers. I know at least four companies who are or were producing pins. And this is certainly not a complete list. Apparently it is not that difficult to make the pins, know how is here, salaries here are low hence the price is competitive even if the pins are handmade. There appears to be a genuine manufacturing hotspot for entomological pins in Czechia, with presently at least one company per 3.5M people to serve the population's entomological needs.


Other Czech brands include these:


"Bohemia" brand:


Entochrysis (sold by the eponymous company)


Kostal, sold at


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I guess that really was my question. Are all the pins of equal quality or maybe actually all from the same original supplier. In normal times we might use about 30,000 pins a year, obviously this hasn't been a normal year, so our supply is still good.



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It seems that several of us received the message about pins from entopins.


We have used the company below for many years- and buy directly from the Czech Republic.


But the connections between these various companies does seem intriguing


Mike Wilson

National Museum of Wales



Petr Hrabovsky
Customer Service


" Austerlitz pin" 
CSL.C.Krize 967
Slavkov u Brna, 684 01
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 607 889 128
Fax: +420 544 220 873
e-mail: [log in to unmask]
sec.e-mail: [log in to unmask]





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Hi Lynn,


We also have good experiences with another Czech company: 

We always get our pins from them.

I was thinking the same thing as Kady. Maybe they are affiliated?




Frederique Bakker

Collection Manager of Hymenoptera

Darwinweg 2, 2333 CR Leiden



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Hi Lynn,


I have not dealt with Bazsik, but have been happy with another (the same?) Czech company -- Kabatek pins for stainless steel – all sizes.


Petr Kabatek Peslova – [log in to unmask].  [].  He has not been especially cheap, but quality good; I do not have his latest price list.




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Have any of you ever dealt with this company for insect pins?



From: Blas Bazsik <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: Entomological pins


Good day,     

We are a czech factory for entomological pins. We have high quality and competitive prices.

Price for black enamelled pins: 2,5USD / 100 pins 
Price for stainless steel pins: 3,3USD / 100 pins 

We have the next sizes:

Size 000, length 38mm, diameter 0,25mm
Size 00, length 38 mm, diameter 0.30 mm
Size 0, length 38 mm, diameter 0.35 mm
Size 1, length 38 mm, diameter 0.40 mm
Size 2, length 38 mm, diameter 0.45 mm
Size 3, length 38 mm, diameter 0,50 mm
Size 4, length 38 mm, diameter 0.55 mm
Size 5, length 38 mm, diameter 0.60 mm
Size 6, length 38 mm, diameter 0.65 mm
Size 7, length 52 mm, diameter 0.65 mm

You can check our other products in our webshop:

We can give you -15% discount from the webshop prices.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Best regards,

Blas Bazsik





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