Non-NU Email
Dear Cather Friends,

The new issue of Willa Cather Review is ready for you to read.  As the editor for this issue, which includes several features about the enslaved characters in Sapphira and the Slave Girl, I'd hoped it would be received by subscribers (if you're a WCF member, that includes you) during Black History Month.  Given that only 2 days of this month remain, that's not going to happen.  But--the issue is posted at, and ready for anyone to download.  Just click on LEARN at the top of the website's homepage, then click on Willa Cather Review.  The current issue (with a yellow cover) will be the first to come up.  We do hope you'll find it interesting!

I also hope everyone is well and hopeful and (ideally) vaccinated as we begin our second pandemic year.  What Cather have you been rereading?  Last March, trying to acclimate myself to the isolation of "sheltering in place," the first thing I reread was Shadows on the Rock.  A year later, I'm suddenly eager to reread young Willa's enchanted (and hungry) dispatches from her first trip to France!  And of course, we've all got Melissa Homestead's new book (out April 1) to look forward to at last.

My very best to everyone,

Ann Romines