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The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky in
Lexington, KY invites applications for a post-doctoral scholar in the field
of Catholic Studies. This position will begin in August 2021 and is
possibly renewable for one year. Applicants must have Ph.D. in hand, having
completed a dissertation related to some aspect of Church History, Catholic
art, Catholic architecture, Catholic music, Catholic liturgy, Catholicism
and literature, the sociology of Catholicism, the anthropology of Catholic
communities, gender and Catholicism, Catholic Philosophy, Jewish-Catholic
relations, Islamic-Catholic relations, Catholic mission history,
Catholicism in Latin American society or politics, Catholicism in China or
Japan, Biblical Studies, Catholicism and the environment, or another field
centered on Catholic tradition, experience, or impact. The position carries
a 2-2 teaching load, for some combination of existing courses in the
catalogue and courses proposed by the Scholar. The Scholar will also work
with the Director of World Religions and other faculty on future curricular
development and public programming to be implemented during the year of the
appointment. It is expected that the Scholar will be in residence and
available for in-person teaching.

Interested applicants should apply online at: .

Applications should include: 1.) a brief description of research interests
(upload as Specific Request 1); 2.) a brief one paragraph description of
the elements you would include in one of the existing Christianity or
Methodology courses, listed at (upload as
Specific Request 2); 3.) brief proposals (one paragraph each) for two
additional courses in Catholic Studies or Religious Studies (upload as
Specific Request 3); 4.) a title and short abstract for a public lecture
you would like to give in a “Catholicism and...” series (upload as Writing
Sample); 5.) a one-paragraph description of a text on which you would like
to guide a workshop for a general audience interested in Catholic Studies
(upload as Cover Letter); and 6.) a curriculum vitae. In addition, please
provide the names and contact information for three references when
prompted in the academic profile. This information will be utilized to
solicit recommendation letters from your references within the employment

Application deadline is March 15, 2021.

The University of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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