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The 1st MIRAGE Symposium will take place at the National Library of Norway, Oslo, as well as online, 8-9 June, 2021. We are planning for a hybrid format, where both in-person and online presentation and attendance will be possible.

Computer technologies could potentially offer revolutionary tools to better understand and appreciate music. Although computer music research is a very active and productive area of research, algorithms are not yet able to comprehend the full richness of music. This symposium is an attempt to strengthen the dialogue between computer science and musicology, in both directions:
- Presenting to musicologists a broad range of research in computational musicology, in a way that should be accessible to them.
- Collecting from musicologists their particular needs, with the aim to shape computational musicology research along those lines.

In order to maximise the momentum of this endeavour, the symposium is articulated into three phases:
1. Before the symposium, an online discussion forum is initiated, aimed at spurring discussions as well as transdisciplinary collaborations.
2. During the symposium, discussions, proposals and concrete investigations emerging from the pre-symposium forum will be presented.
2. After the symposium, ideas and investigations will be compiled in the form of an edited book as well as scientific publications, and the online community will be developed further.

Research in the topic of computational musicology will be presented.
We will hold a general discussion on the topic of New Perspectives for Musicology: Transcending musicology’s capabilities through the development of new computational technologies specifically tailored to its needs. Suggested topics are, tentatively:
• Maximising the informativeness of music visualisation
• Retrieval technology tailored to musicological queries
• Unveiling music intertextuality (detecting interesting correspondences between or within pieces of music in a given catalogue, in an unsupervised way)

Musicologists are welcome to actively participate in the symposium, and, to begin with, in the discussions during the pre-symposium phase. This will be an opportunity for musicologists to express their needs, suggestions and perspectives. The objective is to foster discussion and potential collaborations.

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