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In a letter to Abbé Joseph Bullinger, written on August 7, 1778 from Paris,
Mozart states bluntly, “Salzburg is no place for my talent!” He then goes
on to enumerate all the ways that he felt Salzburg was inadequate: the
court musicians don’t have a good reputation; there is no theater or opera;
there are no singers; the orchestra is “rich in what is useless and
unnecessary—and very poor in what is essential”; there is not even a decent
kapellmeister. Nevertheless, Mozart spent most of his first twenty-five
years composing and playing in the Salzburg court orchestra and at the
Cathedral. Of course Mozart was supposed to resume his duties in Salzburg
after visiting Vienna in the spring of 1781, but he only returned to his
home town for a few months in 1783.

This international conference will explore all aspects of Mozart and
Salzburg, including Wolfgang’s early education and travel, especially to
the nearby court at Munich; the music of Leopold Mozart, Michael Haydn,
Giacomo Rust, as well as the other singers and instrumentalists at the
Salzburg court; traveling opera troupes, especially Emanuel Schikaneder’s
residence in Salzburg in 1780; and finally the works that Mozart wrote for
Salzburg: his chamber music and serenades, symphonies and concertos, masses
and other church music, and operas. All relevant topics will be considered,
though priority will be given to the theme of the conference.

Topics should be proposed in abstracts of up to 300 words and submitted to
Paul Corneilson no later than September 1, 2021. Please submit two versions
of the abstract, one with title and abstract only and one with your name,
address, email, phone number, institutional affiliation or city, and AV
requirements. Presentations are expected to fill 30-minute slots and should
be given in English. One need not be an MSA or SECM member in order to
submit a proposal, but all speakers chosen must be members of one of the
societies by the time the conference takes place. The Program Committee
will review the proposals and select the speakers, and will announce the
program at the American Musicological Society meeting in November.

The conference will be hosted by the International Mozarteum Foundation and
will include guided tours to the two Mozart museums, a lecture-recital with
Mozart’s original instruments, and a day trip to Munich. MSA and SECM plan
to publish a conference report in collaboration with the Mozarteum
Foundation. For more information:


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