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The deadlines for Study Group sessions has been extended, so we have extended the deadline for submissions to our Panel Session to April 1, 2021. Here’s the info!

Call for Papers
“The Blues and Beyond: Narratives, Fictions, and Crossroads in Popular Music”
Popular Music Study Group Panel Session, AMS Chicago, November 4-7, 2021


Keynote Speaker: Kimberly Mack (University of Toledo)

While the metropolis may not be the birthplace of the blues, Chicago plays an important role in the urbanization and electrification of the genre. From the blues standard “Sweet Home Chicago” to The Blues Brothers, the city and the music are also inextricably linked in the popular imagination. What are the stories that we tell about the genre and its offshoots, and where and/or how do we separate fact from fiction?

The Popular Music Study Group paper session at AMS Chicago (November 4-7, 2021) will focus on the blues, its legacies, and the stories we tell. We invite papers that engage with related topics, including (but not limited to):
– Untruths, fictions, and forgeries in popular music
– Blues at contemporary or historical crossroads
– Music inspired and/or influenced by the blues and its legacies
– Popular music narratives, whether fictitious, historiographical, or somewhere in between

We define “popular music” in the broadest possible sense, including, but not limited to pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, country, minstrelsy, Tin Pan Alley, and jazz, as well as non-Western popular musics. We seek papers from a variety of disciplinary, historical, methodological, and personal perspectives.

The session format allows each speaker 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Send anonymized proposals of no more than 300 words via Word document to brian.wright -at- In your email, please include your name, affiliation (if any), and a description of audio, visual, or other needs for the presentation. 

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