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Handel Institute Conference, 20–21 November 2021
The Foundling Museum, London, WC1N 1AZ 

‘Handel: Interactions and Influences’

Call for Papers (extended deadline)

The theme of this conference is prompted by the tercentenary of the Royal
Academy opera Muzio Scevola, composed jointly by Amadei, Bononcini and
Handel. The aim is to focus on the relationships between Handel, other
composers and his audiences.

In Germany, Italy and Britain Handel drew inspiration from a wide variety
of composers and literary sources, and worked with a diverse range of
performers; in his turn he influenced many musicians in his own day and in
later generations. How do his works – cantatas, anthems, operas, oratorios,
odes, concertos, sonatas, keyboard pieces – compare with those of
contemporary composers? What did he learn from them? How did he influence
them and his successors?

Handel’s music also appealed to a wide variety of audiences – in the public
theatres of Hamburg and Venice, in the palazzi of Italian noblemen, in
London’s theatres, cathedrals and other establishments and, especially
after his death, in the British provinces. Handel drew admirers from a
broad spectrum of society with a wide range of musical knowledge and
experience. What did they expect of him and how did they respond to what he

The conference committee invites proposals for papers on any aspect of the
interactions or influences between Handel and his predecessors,
contemporaries or successors, or on the impact of his music on
fellow-musicians or the public from the eighteenth century to the present
day. Proposals on other subjects will also be considered. Abstracts of up
to 300 words for papers lasting not more than thirty minutes should be sent
to Professor Matthew Gardner (matthew.gardner -at- by 31
July 2021 (extended deadline). The committee hopes that it will be possible
to hold the conference in London in November as planned; should this not be
the case, alternative arrangements will be made.


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