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Hi Dave,

Great, thanks for the update. Good to know. I anticipate Jon Shepard will get in touch with Bob Robbins at the appropriate time.

Stay safe,


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Subject: Re: Looking for the Lepidoptera collection made by John Legge
We sent a couple of our staff to get it in the late 1990s.  So, it's at the Smithsonian.  However, due to Covid we cannot respond to loan requests or visits.

David Furth

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Subject: Looking for the Lepidoptera collection made by John Legge

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Hi all,

A friend of mine, Jon Shepard, in Oregon, is trying to find the collection of Arctic diurnal Lepidoptera made by John Legge. John Legge worked for a petroleum company and collected diurnal Lepidoptera in the Arctic. John Legge had access to helicopter transportation which allowed him to reach remote areas in the Arctic. As far as Jon can remember, John Legge retired to Colorado in the 1970s when John Legge was about 75 years old. According to Jon Shepard's recollection, John Legge then moved to Arizona. The whereabouts of John Legge's lepidoptera collection is unknown.

If anybody has knowledge of the collection or where it can be found, please let me know.

Many thanks and stay safe.

From southern New Mexico where the sun still shines every day, the wind blows very hard every day, and we are finally getting warmer (at least there are moths at my porch light every night).

Eric H. Metzler
Alamogordo New Mexico
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