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As part of the MIRAGE Symposium, and in preparation for that event, an
online discussion forum is organized aimed at spurring discussions as well
as transdisciplinary collaborations in the interface between musicology and
computer science. One main objective is to express common perspectives
towards new computational tools for musicology. This is an opportunity for
musicologists to express their needs, suggestions and perspectives.

Three topics are suggested:
• Visualisation: What tools do you find necessary for a better
visualisation of individual pieces of music and entire corpus, with the aim
to convey as efficiently as possible information about the music? Not only
visualising but also interactive browsing, with possibly sonification, etc.
What kind of general musicological knowledge could be discovered thanks to
such tools?
• Retrieval: What search would you like to perform on a corpus of music
using computer tools? What could be the ideal behavior that you would like
the computer tool to offer? In particular, what type of query should be
given to the machine, for which it would perform a retrieval of relevant
results? Could you indicate needs expressed in the musicology literature
for which such ideal computer tools would be helpful?
• (Intra/)intertextuality: What could be interesting use-cases in
musicology of a computational tool that would be able to discover in
details music (intra/)intertextuality, i.e., showing in details
correspondences between various parts in one or many pieces of music, based
on similarities, shared identities, etc? What previous and current research
in musicology this tool could be related to?

Other topics can be suggested as well.

Based on the discussion, joint and individual presentations and/or panel
discussion will be given during the second day of the symposium. After the
symposium, ideas and investigations will be compiled in the form of an
edited book as well as scientific publications.

We propose to host day-to-day discussions on a dedicated Slack workspace,
while at the same time compiling the ideas in a set of online documents, in
the form of Google docs.

The 1st MIRAGE Symposium will take place on *8-9 June 2021* in the form of
a Zoom webinar from 10AM to 6PM (CEST). It is organised in the context of
the MIRAGE project (RITMO, in collaboration with the National Library of
Norway's Digital Humanities Laboratory). 


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