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Congratulations for being promoted to a public enemy!


Yes, MMT IS dangerous for the Plutocracy, as Institutionalism cum Post-Keynesianism is.


best, wolfram.





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Betreff: [AFEEMAIL] Senate moves to condemn MMT; Bernie rises to condemn resolution


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I'm rather proud to relay that the Senate moved to unanimously condemn MMT as dangerous, subversive, and fundamentally against the American Way, and that Bernie rose to condemn the condemnation.


This follows a House resolution to condemn MMT a couple of years ago.


I ask, has any other heterodox idea been condemned bi-camerally? 


And it is particularly satisfying that economists of the Third Way are liberally quoted. (Sounding a lot like Tom Palley and Jerry Epstein, by the way.) And that they lovingly quote Doug Henwood, the representative of Marxist-Leninist thought. (Ahh, your enemy is my enemy can make the most interesting bedfellows). As well as St. Paul of the biblical NYT and representative of the Bastard Keynesians. You just cannot get more comprehensive and pluralistic than that.