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Critical Studies in Improvisation / Études critiques en improvisation is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 2 of “Improvisation, Musical Communities, and the COVID-19 Pandemic,” co-edited by Daniel Fischlin (U of Guelph), Laura Risk (U of Toronto Scarborough), and Jesse Stewart (Carleton U).

This double special issue invited musicians, performers, scholars, arts presenters, and other cultural workers to reflect on the extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic and to begin envisaging a post-pandemic musical landscape. As such, it provides key insights into the pandemic’s effects on artists, arts organizations, and their communities.

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Daniel Fischlin, Laura Risk, & Jesse Stewart, “The Poetics of Engagement: Viral Contagions and the Dream of Liveness”

Hadi Bastani, Anna Linardou, Rojin Sharafi, & Ioannis Tsioulakis: “Musical Careers in Constant Crises: An Asynchronous Dialogue from Tehran to Athens, via Belfast and Vienna”
Juan Calvi: "La escena de las músicas creativas improvisadas en Iberoamérica: de la música en vivo a la música online y al desierto pospandemia digital"
Monika Herzig: “What the World Needs Now is Jazz”
Jessie Cox & Sam Yulsman: "Listening through Webs for/of Creole Improvisation: Weaving Music II as a Case Study"
Glen Whitehead: "'Take it Outside, People!': Bridging Ecoacoustics and Improvised Music"
Kate Galloway & Rachael Fuller: "'Unmute' Bread: Listening, Improvising, and Performing with Sourdough in Quarantine"

Matana Roberts, Ty Defoe with Nic Gareiss, Éléonore Pitre and Frannie Holder, Barbara Adler, Patricia Nicholson Parker, Mike Block, Dong-Won Kim, Panayotis League (interview with Michael League), Dave Clark, Mike Ford, Kevin Chan, Mark V. Campbell and Ayse Barut, Devon Léger, Dale Chapman, Joe Sorbara, Lisa Cay Miller, Nathan Moore, Elizabeth McNutt, Raymond MacDonald and Ross Birrell, William Stewart, Ben Zucker, François Mouillot, José Dias and Anton Hunter, Brigida Migliore

David Lane: “Tele-Improvisation,” Roger Mills
Gretchen Schwarz: “The Field of Musical Improvisation,” Marcel Cobussen
David Grundy, Pierre Crépon: “Free Jazz Communism,” Sezgin Boynik, Taneli Viitahuhta
Nick Sorensen: “The Lived Experience of Improvisation,” Simon Rose
Harri Heinilä: “Dance Floor Democracy,” Sherrie Tucker
Michael Kaler: “The Free Musics,” Jack Wright 

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