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Introduction: Some Practical And Ethical Considerations For Integrating
Digital Humanities And Music Pedagogy
F. Giannetti

An Open Access Scholarly Encyclopedia for Music: A Call to Action
P. Shirts

Behind the Times? Digital Research Methods and the Music Classroom
T. Duguid

Teaching the Google Books Ngram Viewer and JSTOR Text Analyzer in the
Graduate Music Bibliography Course: Benefits, Issues, and Challenges
L. J. Sampsel

Design Sprints and Direct Experimentation: Digital Humanities + Music
Pedagogy at A Small Liberal Arts College
C. Murgu, M. Dancigers, E. Solloway

Book Reviews:
Edited by M. Erviti

*Musical Salon Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century* ed. by Anja Bunzel
and Natasha Loges
S. Tomasewski

*Rubble Music: Occupying the Ruins of Postwar Berlin, 1945–1950* by Abby
M. Erwin

*Musical Authorship from Schütz to Bach* by Stephen Rose
S. J. Brannon

*Composing Community in Late Medieval Music: Self-Reference, Pedagogy, and
Practice* by Jane D. Hatter
K. M. Cook

*Adapting "The Wizard of Oz": Musical Versions from Baum to MGM and Beyond*
ed. by Danielle Birkett and Dominic McHugh
A. Bádue

*Moonlighting: Beethoven and Literary Modernism* by Nathan Waddell
A. Carpenter

*Beethoven's Lives: The Biographical Tradition* by Lewis Lockwood
G. Block

*Aaron Copland and the American Legacy of Gustav Mahler* by Matthew Mugmon
S. Prim

*Strauss* by Laurenz Lütteken
P. J. Prokert

*Orchestrating Public Opinion: How Music Persuades in Television Political
Ads for US Presidential Campaigns, 1952–2016* by Paul Christiansen
S. J. Dietsche

*Which Side Are You On?: 20th Century American History in 100 Protest Songs*
by James Sullivan
C. Durman

*Organ-Building in Georgian and Victorian England: The Work of Gray &
Davison, 1772–1890* by Nicholas Thistlethwaite
A. A. Alcorn

*Henry Cow: The World Is a Problem* by Benjamin Piekut
R. B. Freeborn

*British Music after Britten* by Arnold Whittall
J. Vickers

*The Pianist's Dictionary* by Maurice Hinson and Wesley Roberts
D. Manildi

Books Recently Published
Compiled by J. Procell and M. Ertz

Music Reviews:
Edited by M. Ertz

*The Public Domain Song Anthology* ed. by David Berger, Chuck Israels
M. Vad

*Streichquartett B-Dur op. 130; Grande Fugue: B-Dur op. 133* by Ludwig van
Beethoven, and: *Klaviertrio B-Dur Opus 97 "Erzherzog"-Trio* by Ludwig van
S. Ong

*Field Mass* by Bohuslav Martinů, and: *Concerto da camera* by Bohuslav


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