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The joint meeting of the Northern California and Pacific Southwest chapters
of the AMS will be held on Zoom on May 8 and 9. The program is below. If
you would like to attend, please contact the PSC-AMS Secretary, Daniela
Smolov Levy, at danielaslevy at gmail dot com 

Saturday, May 8
9:30-11AM Literary and Linguistic Approaches
David Kendall, “Behold Your Music!”: Music as a Force of Creation,
Destruction, and Re-Creation in the Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis
Hermann Hudde, Rewriting, Memory, and Emotion: Is There a Latin American
Contemporary Musical Chronicle in Miguel del Águila’s Music?
Elizabeth Lindau, Making (Non)sense of Brian Eno’s Lyrics
11:30-1PM Music in the 1930s and 40s
Kenneth Marcus, Composing about Concentration Camps: The Case of Hanns
Eisler’s German Symphony
Edmund Mendelssohn, Deconstructing the West: Andre Schaeffner’s Origin
Hannah Neuhauser, In the Shadows of Jazz: The Crucial Role of Classical
Music in Film Noir
Business Meetings 2-2:15PM
2:15-3:45PM Building Worlds and Communities
Jonathan Spatola-Knoll, Music as Gendered Representation: Understanding
Carl Maria von Weber’s Paired Missae Sanctae (1818-19) as Pendant Portraits
Elizabeth Campbell, The Colored American Opera Company and Black Churches
in Late-Nineteenth-Century Washington D.C.
Hesam Abedini, A Post-Intercultural Path: As wide as Iranian music, Jazz,
and Western contemporary music

Sunday, May 9
AMS NorCal Award in Musicology Competition, 10AM - noon
10:00 Benjamin Ory (Stanford University), “The ‘In-Between’ Generation: Mid
Sixteenth-Century Polyphony and the Long Shadow of Early Twentieth-Century
German Historiography”
10:30 Parkorn Wangpaiboonkit (UC Berkeley), “Listening to the Imperial
Other at the Colonial-Liminal: Voice, Animality, and the Figure of the
Human in Nineteenth-Century Siam”
11:15 Michael Kinney (Stanford University), “The Life Course of a Voice”
1-3PM PSC Ingolf Dahl Award competition
Riccardo La Spina (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain/Visiting Scholar, Center
for Iberian and Latin American Music, UC Riverside), “An anxiousness to
appear original” – The Early Critical Reception of Rossini in Spain
Pedro López de la Osa (Ph.D. student, UC Riverside), Exile and Music during
the 20th Century: Internal Exiles during Franco’s Dictatorship (1939-75).
Who, Why, and How?
Evyn Barb Mingo, (Ph.D. student, UC Riverside), “Give ’em the spirit!”:
Beatrice Harrison, Cellist and Advocate


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