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 I used Lanaquarelle 300lb for years, especially for drybrush.  It was one
of the best watercolor papers ever, as one might expect from Lana, which
produced watercolor paper for centuries.  Some of DaVinci's work appears on
Lana paper.  I bought it in large sheets, ten at a time and cut it as
needed.  The last batch of ten I purchased, about a decade ago or perhaps
even longer, was horrid.  It had a hard surface that produced splotchy
washes as others above have noticed.

On checking, I discovered Lana had been purchased by International Paper.
I can only imagine what happened.  "Why do you have so many old people
teetering around here?  Fire tham and hire half as many youngsters."  I
kept the paper and glued it to wood or masonite backing and gessoed it for
use with oils.

Surprised that Karen, above, finds Lana paper sufficient for her purposes.
Maybe they had to rehire some of the old dudes.  Disappointed to hear
Fabriano is having the same problem, as they were similar to Lana.

There are a few American paper manufacturers that specialize in quality art
paper.  Stonehenge is one that I have used.


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