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Hello again,

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I also received word from
Katherine Tyrrell in the UK that the problem was never resolved (Fabriano
decided the changes were within the range of their performance standards)
and she recommends returning to Arches and experimenting with other brands.
It's frustrating because the issue with the Fabrano definitely seems
sporadic, as Magorie wrote, she has not encountered problems and for me
it's working 75% of the time. Anyway, I have already ordered small
quantities of some new-to-me brands and I will be going down the rabbit
hole of systematic testing. And once I find my preference, I'll be
following Bruce and Karen's lead and laying in a large stock so I don't
have to think about it again for quite some time! As a side note, I gather
that several of the UK botanical artists that were very unhappy with the
Fabriano change ended up leaving paper behind completely and switching to
vellum. I don't think I'm up to that much  change right now but maybe
something for the future.


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> Thanks, Karen, and I also have some Twinrocker.  Like it a lot and intend
> to try some of their other papers when I can.  I enjoy supporting small
> companies that produce quality products.
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