Non-NU Email
Greetings Mag Mor!!
To those that made the journey to our western lands, thank you! To those that didn't, we understand, you were missed. It was lovely weather for a fighter practice, demo, gathering, event. We had a lot of visitors. We had a lot of friends gathered together. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank you to Oswyn, for finding a beautiful setting. I tried to make it around to everyone. We ended the day with a small court.
Gunter and Wargen of the Nine Fingers were awarded Crod Cotha rings.
Cora Da Monte, Oswyn, and Morgana were given Cambroges.
Congratulations to everyone!
Thank you to everyone for coming out for our first event!
We look forward to seeing you at next month's Baronial A &S competition. 

Gyđa & Haltroll
Baroness & Baron of Mag Mor

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