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Keep in mind, if you're not on ground level, the standard compactor requires a floor loading of 200 lbs/sq. ft. The majority of buildings have a floor loading of 75 lbs/sq ft. 

Lynn Kimsey
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Make sure your floors are engineered to support compactors rolling back and forth - even if you don't plan to have compactors right away, you will probably need them eventually.

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Hi all,
There is a high likelihood that a new facility for the Frost Entomological Museum will be included in the next capital plan here. I'll believe it when I see it, but they did ask me for details about square footage and types of spaces we'd need. I have a short timeline, as they want these initial details by Friday. I feel pretty good about what we've come up with, but if any of you have been through a similar process before and are willing to share your thoughts I would be very appreciative.

- Are there types of spaces you overlooked and wished you now had?
- Have any advice regarding how to advocate for the museum during this process?
- Any reflections on site choice? They're proposing a site a mile off campus, of course (might as well be a thousand miles), but it'd be co-located with several entomology labs. It's still up for discussion.

We're very early in the process, but I want to make sure we are always part of the conversation and that we maximize what we can get. If you've been through this process before maybe you have some lessons for us.

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