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Unto all Members of the Order of the Rose,
The Order of the Rose Youth and Armored Rattan Tourney at Lilies!
Date: Thursday, September 16th @ 6:00 PM
Where: The Merchant Tournament Field @ Lilies War
All members of the Order of the Rose are encouraged to invite:
2 Rattan fighters; one belted and one unbelted/ OR 2 unbelted, Roses choice.
An authorized youth fighter
This will be the third year we will do a combined rattan and youth tournament! It is such a great way to encourage our youth in combat, and our adult fighters in Chivalric virtues!
Each tournament will be a separate list tree with the youth and adult fights interspersed.
The Rattan tournament will be double elimination. The Youth tournament will be double elimination if we have enough fighters. If not, it will be round robin.
Start getting your fighters lined out now and encourage any authorized youth to participate.
Bring a prize for each fighter you sponsor.
A beautiful Surprise for the Roses is in the works!
*All members include our guests from other kingdoms.
Any questions please let me know!
If you or someone you or someone you know would like to fill any of these positions, Email Catalina ([log in to unmask])
List Mistress:
Youth Marshall: Maire Ingen Fheirgil
Refreshment Table: (pending rules)
Tournament Herald x2:
In Service to the Crown and Kingdom of Calontir,
Duchess Catalina

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