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You need to calculate it both ways and see what you can live with.

8 x 4 ft = 32sqft x $200/ea. = $6400
80hr x $80/hr = $6400

Plus design/research time & materials.

Obviously this will depend on how detailed you plan to make the art, and how much design and prep time, and materials and tools (scaffolding?) you need for the project. I think the above figure might be a starting point for a more general image. If this has some science accuracy to the components, you will need to go higher as it will take longer. If you are working with preexisting images you have purchased, you might be able to go a little lower, depending on the purchase rights, as it becomes more of a design job.

Also make sure you put in a 15% profit above what your cost are (you salary is a cost to the project).


Subject: [EXTERNAL] [SCIART] Pricing structure for murals

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Hello to all,

Part of a current project includes a mural in a space about 8 feet wide, and I am hoping those of you with experience creating murals might have advice to share on how you determine your rates for such things.

What is the most effective way to calculate what that number should be? Should it be based on square footage? My hourly rate? Plus materials? A mix of both or all?

Thanks so much in advance!



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