Non-NU Email
Hi All,  

I've been meaning to post asking if any of you have ventured into the world of NFTs (non fungible tokens)? 

I won't post links but there are primers on different creative blogs (ie dribbble/"what the heck is an NFT"). It got press (and my attention) a few months back with the Beeple $69M Christie's auction. Simply stated the artist creates scarcity by digitally "minting" an asset that marks it as the unique "original."

I know next to nothing about cryptocurrency and this seems to be a low-risk way to learn. One detail that I found compelling (if I understand correctly) is that the minting process bakes in some residual rights for the creator, who receives compensation whenever the NFT is sold from one party to another in the future.

I still don't fully understand how this will unfold as a sustainable market, but a couple of my contacts seem to be doing well with it for now. 

Thanks as always for your help and always-interesting perspectives. I found this group years ago while considering schooling for scientific illustration--while I did not go that route this remains my favorite design-community discussion group--in fact it has remained relevant through every phase of my freelance design life. I've learned lots from you all. Thanks again  and all the best! Molly


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