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Ave, Calontir! Hear Now These Good Tidings from the Feast of Eagles and the Regional Equestrian Practice

Listen now to Hugonis Harlonii, Their Majesties' Enthusiasm Translator and court herald, with good tidings and reports from our late happy gatherings... with a humble plea for the populace's understanding for the belated nature of these announcements.

For shortly after the sun had risen the morn after the eagles' feast did your humble servant have need to depart the fair lands of Calontir, travelling to that goodly realm of Northkeep, in the incipient Principality of Vindhem, in the realm the sable star.

There did he face foul dangers and foes of the most bureaucratic sort, all in the service of his family's foreign estates in Ansteorra.

Now returned to his own manor back on the far edge of the kingdom, in the Three Rivers, is he able to convey these happy tidings:


• Alia Martialis, given her award of arms and made a Lady of Calontir, though no stranger to the Society, their Majesties saw it fit to welcome her rightly to the Heartlands for her quick and dedicated service to her new home of Vatavia.

• Gawin Kappler, granted a Torse for his steadfast service as kingdom webminister, a right honor and recognition befitting a member of the Witan

• Diana Tantini, a Swan for her weaving - both the practice of and the teaching thereof

• Aelin Kausi, made a Cross of Calontir for her long, worthy, and diligent service to Aston Tor and - to the broader kingdom - in her waterbearing to the great relief of many a weary fighter

• Randlar of Cum an Iolair, a Torse, and Tatiana Belaia, her Award of Arms, both full deserving of their honors which His Majesty saw urgent and right to award in absentia. Given the long duration of this vile plague and the concern for when the opportunity that these awards may be given next, it was deemed a wrong to make these good gentles wait any longer for their just recognition.


(Offered with many thanks to Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, who travelled to the event to serve as Her Majesty's herald.)

• Jorunna Refsdottir, a Swan for her fine sewing and embroidery

• Dominius Passelet, a Torse for his service to the Shire of Wyvern Cliffe

• Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla, made a member of the Eo Fyrd and Their Majesties' Equestrian Champion

• Ayisha bint Asad, brought into the Order of the Cross of Calontir on account of her humble and dutiful service to the kingdom, her barony, and on behalf of the many communities within Calontir of which she is an ever-helpful participant


Servus humillimus,
(Ik blijven uw nederige dienaar.)

Hugonis Harlonii dominus
Herald of The Imperatores

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