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Slightly off-topic: Our refrigerator's freezer went "off-line" for 
awhile this week and we had to move lots of items to our ancient 
full-sized basement freezer.  While moving stuff around, my husband 
handed me something in a freezer bag and asked, "WHAT is THIS?" Well, it 
turned out to be  a frozen chipmunk that I had collected, nearly intact, 
from the roadside... a real treasure i my opinion.  I explained that 
most scientific illustrators keep such things in their freezers, and 
pointed out that I also had a male cardinal, a nondescript sparrow, and 
a sea bass, and probably some other critters in there, lost to the mists 
of antiquity.
I thought it might be interesting to get a general census of "freezer 
study materials" from fellow GNSI'ers.

Margy Nelson

Margaret C. Nelson, Ph.D.
Rumford Graphics Scientific Illustration;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!W6Usn4Zvih1lSD_6DEoWHy846WwlLXn3OeMwYU6SJ_pxg2SppJiUDOrWh3r2y2HThmP0GIw$ 
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