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Hi Folks,

I hope everyone is having a good summer. I’m down-sizing, re-locating, and saving choice items for next year’s GNSI auction in the process.

I’m also gearing up for the courses below:

Foundations in Graphite  Session I
September 8-November 10, 2021
Learn everything you need to know about developing a drawing. How to begin and take your work from sketch to an accurate, full-value rendering in a virtual classroom setting. We cover perspective, proportion, rendering textures, scientific conventions, lighting, and transferring drawings and introduce pen and ink. Students become comfortable with computer and technical skills for proper scanning, uploading and preparing artwork, as well as video conferencing and creating files. Professional and business practices are introduced. Fee covers all assignments, tutorials, handouts, video conferencing and emailing.   Beginning and intermediate students.

Studies in Color  Session III
September 13-November 15, 2021 (corrected from previous newsletter :-)
Bring your drawings to life in color! Students learn color theory, explore watercolor, colored pencil on paper, board, film, toned paper, and are invited to include digital media. This class helps students develop advanced compositions and info-graphics. Students complete three portfolio pieces and prepare for internships/independent studies, if desired. Professional practices, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing and email are included.
Open to students having completed Sessions I and II, or by permission. 

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