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Over the years I've kept prelim drawings and trace overlays to use in classes. However, since 95% of my classes are now online, I've digitized much of that information so it's easy to access during a presentation.

However, for my own purposes, I've archived several "beginning to end" pieces that sometimes help me with composition or process with current projects.

They're also informative to include in "old style" exhibit or museum exhibition cases.


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Hi - Do any of you routinely save your preparatory sketches, layouts, tracings & transfers, etc.? I've done that forever and it's sort of built up to a mad collection. I've always kept a few in case I do a class/workshop where showing the preliminary steps is informative to students, but I don't think i need to keep EVERYTHING...

I am trying to gradually pare down my stacks-o-art-stuff, so eventually Jamie doesn't have to wade through a mountain of collected art flotsam and jetsam to get to what might be worthwhile stuff.



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