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As an undergrad, my painting professor bought a freezer so that we students interested in nat sci illustration could store our road kill. Then over one summer break, the electricity went out. The freezer melted and building maintenance folks had lots of complaints about the smells emanating from the painting studio!


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> Oh bless you, Margy -
> It's been a long time for a discussion like this, and the last one was one of the funniest email threads I Have ever read. I hope we hear some of those good stories again, and a few new ones...
> -Gail
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>> Slightly off-topic: Our refrigerator's freezer went "off-line" for 
>> awhile this week and we had to move lots of items to our ancient 
>> full-sized basement freezer.  While moving stuff around, my husband 
>> handed me something in a freezer bag and asked, "WHAT is THIS?" Well, it 
>> turned out to be  a frozen chipmunk that I had collected, nearly intact, 
>> from the roadside... a real treasure i my opinion.  I explained that 
>> most scientific illustrators keep such things in their freezers, and 
>> pointed out that I also had a male cardinal, a nondescript sparrow, and 
>> a sea bass, and probably some other critters in there, lost to the mists 
>> of antiquity.
>> I thought it might be interesting to get a general census of "freezer 
>> study materials" from fellow GNSI'ers.
>> Cheers,
>> Margy Nelson
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