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WOW! Thank you so much! 

When I tried to figure all this out back in 2018 I made the attached flier (now updated) for the museum. 

This is fantastic! How many new species have been described using one of those? 



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Hello ECN folks,


Many people doing microscopy work have been looking for those small “Syracuse” type watch glasses that are difficult to find/unavailable. The original watch glasses have not been made since 1928, but some labs may be using the originals to this day.


USDA PPQ National Identification Service staff at the Systematic Entomology Lab in Beltsville MD collaborated with a laboratory glass supplier by providing specifications of the small watch glasses. The glass supplier developed a watch glass which matches the specifications of the original unavailable ones. Samples were sent to NIS and ARS scientists to test out and they say the quality is great. They are slightly taller and the wells are deeper compared to the originals.


The web site is: Item # 1580-00, Insect Chamber, BPI Watch Glass, Stackable On NDS Technologies, Inc. (


In the prototype photos, the outer “bump” will not be present. The website has the actual finished product.




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