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The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky in
Lexington, KY invites applications for the endowed Cottrill-Rolfes Chair in
Catholic Studies to begin August 2022. Competitive applicants will have the
rank of Full Professor or its equivalent in scholarship and experience, and
a strong reputation related to some aspect of Catholic Studies. The
endowment describes Catholic Studies as “the study of the history,
literature, philosophy, music, culture, ideology, politics, institutions
and traditions of Roman Catholicism.” We are interested in applications
from a range of diverse disciplinary approaches as well as different topics
as they relate to Catholicism, such as art, architecture, liturgy, gender,
race, religious conversion, biblical exegesis, the environment, and more.
The scope of the position is global. Applications from scholars who
specialize in inter-faith relations and the complexities of cross-cultural
encounters are welcome. In concert with faculty across the College and the
World Religions program, the Cottrill-Rolfes Chair will develop and
implement an active program in Catholic Studies, with the understanding
that the activities of the Chair should neither promote nor inhibit the
Catholic religion. This will include programming for lectures and events of
interest to the larger community on topics extending beyond the Chair’s
immediate area of expertise.

The University of Kentucky is an R1 Research University with significant
library holdings in Religious Studies, especially in the area of
Christianity. Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Arabic, and an array of modern
languages are available for undergraduate study. The College of Arts and
Sciences has a growing community of internationally recognized scholars
with interests in Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, biblical studies and
archaeology, pre-modern Christian history and art, Asian and South Asian
religions, vernacular religion, mythology, and Indigenous religions, as
well as in the religious dimensions of sociology, anthropology, psychology,
gender and women’s studies, and symbolic systems. The student population
and faculty are diverse and committed to internationalization. The
successful candidate will foster collegial relations and opportunities for
intellectual explorations across disciplinary boundaries.

Interested scholars should apply online at:;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!S1177ujM1nYs-mutVNQ27mL35KTi49YSf4YdVHtSDDCnOWgv2VBmH3AlKfH9OHqOly-7lIEXPA$ 


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