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Call for Papers - American Musical Instrument Society
Annual Meeting: June 8 to 11, 2022
Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre/Centre National de Musique
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The 2022 AMIS meeting will be held at Studio Bell, home of the National
Music Centre (NMC), in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from June 8 to 11. Studio
Bell houses NMC's collection of musical instruments and historical
recording equipment, spanning over 450 years of history and innovation. The
collection is especially noted for its vintage electronic instruments of
the 20th century and stringed keyboards dating from the 17th century to the

Paper proposals, due November 30, 2021, are invited for presentations of
twenty-minute length plus ten minutes discussion; round-table panels, for
which a few longer time slots are available; and poster presentations. As
well as traditional papers, we welcome instrument demonstrations, musical
performances, lecture recitals, video screenings, and presentations in
other formats suitable for a lecture space. Space will also be reserved
this year for a limited number of remote presentations; please specify if
you wish to be considered for one of these slots. A presenter wishing to
use or discuss an instrument at NMC should first send a message to info
-at- to see if use or display of the instrument is viable. To
explore the NMC’s collection, go to;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!SvAynyPljiPFv34CvuInSUREz_p_5t6NvJtdk7KLbFkAnjgJ84TFIEYyfXbD8RCuku8jy5y2BA$ .

Proposals must include an abstract of not more than 300 words, a 75-word
biography for each presenter, a list of audio-visual requirements, and
e-mail addresses for all presenters. Presentations on topics relating to
Canadian music history and electronic music are especially encouraged, but
all subjects will be considered. Responses will be forthcoming by
mid-January 2022.

Please send proposals as e-mail attachments in pdf form to committee chair
Darcy Kuronen: darcykuronen -at-

Students are eligible to apply for the William E. Gribbon Memorial Award
for Student Travel. See;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!SvAynyPljiPFv34CvuInSUREz_p_5t6NvJtdk7KLbFkAnjgJ84TFIEYyfXbD8RCuku9HVvIudg$ . An
Outreach Travel Grant is available to help a Mexican citizen with the
expenses of attending the conference. See;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!SvAynyPljiPFv34CvuInSUREz_p_5t6NvJtdk7KLbFkAnjgJ84TFIEYyfXbD8RCuku-Tj09SxQ$ .


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