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The String Band Summit gathers musicians, teachers, and scholars engaged in string band music across the Americas to explore string band traditions, histories, practices, instruments, and pedagogy, seeking to foster collaboration and understanding.

The inaugural SBS will be hosted by East Tennessee State University on the weekend of April 8-10, 2022. A selection committee will select proposals of three kinds:

1) Scholarly presentations of 20 minutes in length, to be followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion. These presentations should highlight your research into the history, practice, personalities, and contexts of string band music.

2) Teaching presentations or Workshops of 30 or 60 minutes in length, followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. Teaching presentations should immerse participants in the sorts of teaching environments that you create in your pedagogical work. Workshops should be participatory, and should teach participants about a particular style, technique, or practice.

3) Organized panels / Roundtables of 75 minutes. Organized panels should include 3-4 presenters and a moderator. Roundtables should primarily consist of discussion among attendees.

Proposals from graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged. The committee will select presenters anonymously.

Each proposal should include a 250-word abstract, indicating a central argument or theme, the relationship to other scholarly literature and/or pedagogical practice, and conclusions/outcomes. Proposals are due by November 15, 2021, submitted via this Google form - The committee plans to respond to all submissions by December 15, 2021.

The program committee includes Lee Bidgood, Gabriela Fuentes, Joseph Johnson, Richard Jones-Bamman, Ben Krakauer, Jordan Laney, Mark Miyake, Jocelyn Neal, Nate Olson, Ted Olson, Raquel Paraiso, Greg Reish, Laura Risk, and Joti Rockwell.

The primary language of the Summit will be English; the committee is willing to consider proposals that include other languages. In addition to these presentations the event will include performances, workshops, and other programming that is curated by the Program Committee. If you have an idea for a session that does not fit the above categories, (or have other questions) contact Lee Bidgood at bidgood -at- 

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