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We are excited to announce the second issue of American Music, Volume 39, a special issue on music and sound in Disney media, guest-edited by Daniel Batchelder.

American Music encourages proposals for special issues, forums, or unusual formats, including exciting examples already in the works. We invite our readers to view our submission guidelines online or contact the editor, Todd Decker (tdecker-at-wustl-dot-edu), with any questions about submitting to the journal.

Daniel Fister (he/him)
Editorial Assistant, American Music
PhD Candidate in Musicology, Washington University in St. Louis

39.2 (Summer 2021)
Special Edition on Music and Sound in Disney Media

Guest Editor’s Introduction
Daniel Batchelder

Snow White and the Seventh Art: Sound, Song, and Respectability in Disney’s First Feature
Daniel Batchelder

Make Mine Pop Music: Walt Disney Films and American Popular Music, 1940-1955
J.B. Kaufman

Nostalgia for a Past Futurism: The Main Street Electrical Parade
Elizabeth Randell Upton

Soaring into Song: Youth and Yearning in Animated Musicals of the Disney Renaissance
Ryan Bunch

The Foreign, the Exotic, and the Other in the Music of Mulan (1998)
Lisa Scoggin

Animated Broadway: Disney and Musical Theater in the 1990s and Early 2000s
Alex Bádue and Rebecca S. Schorsch

Music, Memory, Pixar
Daniel Goldmark

From Moana to Vaiana: Voicing the French and Tahitian Dubbed Versions of Disney’s Moana
Colleen Montgomery

Unsettled Scores: Politics, Hollywood, and the Film Music of Aaron Copland & Hanns Eisler. By Sally Bick
Anthony Bushard

Músicas coloniales a debate: Procesos de intercambio euroamericanos. By Javier Marín López
Walter Aaron Clark

Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown: The Making of an American Classic. By Thomas Goldsmith
Sophia M. Enriquez 

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