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With generous support from The Garner-Glaser Foundation, Inc., the Erroll
Garner-Martha Glaser Archive Research Award at the University of Pittsburgh
supports research into the Erroll Garner jazz collection held by Archives &
Special Collections department within the University Library System. The
research award is designed to offer a researcher intense use of the
collection to produce a scholarly article, professional presentation,
produce a video or documentary, or some other body of work. The scholar
will be expected to share his/her research with the University Library
System to build a body of work around the use of the Erroll Garner
collection, as well as make a public presentation to ULS staff on his/her
work in the archive.;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!VBpVD4kCxBzsO0QrjiNeTcViA6Z1P118FJNbvopOqjDjs6FCaZRHrZOGsnEerzPwCLzSF63usw$ 

The Erroll Garner Archive includes correspondence, sheet music, legal
documents, photographs, memorabilia, awards, sound recordings, and moving
images documenting the life and work of pianist and composer Erroll Garner.
It also comprises a large amount of material related to Martha Glaser’s own
career. Information on the collection can be found at;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!VBpVD4kCxBzsO0QrjiNeTcViA6Z1P118FJNbvopOqjDjs6FCaZRHrZOGsnEerzPwCLwjhPrtRA$ 

In the application, research scholars should indicate the length of time
the project requires. The amount of the award will be granted based on the
length of stay and will provide funding for reimbursement of receipted
expenses for travel, housing and meal expenses while doing research into
the collection in Pittsburgh; award may not exceed $2,500. Applicants at
the University of Pittsburgh may equally apply for a stipend rather than
travel funding.

Award recipients are asked to share their finished product in some
professional manner, whether that be in a publication, presentation or some
other appropriate venue. There is no deadline to receive applications;
rather the award program operates under a rolling deadline and will review
applications as they are received.

Each application will be reviewed by an independent review committee,
consisting of archivists, music librarians, and music teaching faculty,
based on the applicant's research topic and the availability of relevant
material in the Erroll Garner Archive. The committee will make its decision
within 4 weeks of receiving the completed application.

The application for the grant may be found at*20Research*20Award*20Application.pdf__;JSUl!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!VBpVD4kCxBzsO0QrjiNeTcViA6Z1P118FJNbvopOqjDjs6FCaZRHrZOGsnEerzPwCLzznJbUng$ 


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