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On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis, the Institute for Musicology and Interpretation Research (IMI) in cooperation with the course for electroacoustic and experimental music (ELAK) at the mdw - University of Music and
Performing Arts Vienna is organizing a symposium on Xenakis' electroacoustic oeuvre. Performances of Xenakis's electroacoustic works will complement the scientific program in the evenings of the conference.

Proposals on both topics - the electroacoustic œuvre of Iannis Xenakis and approaches to a philology of electroacoustic music - are welcome. Conference languages are German and English. A format of 30 minutes lecture and 30 minutes discussion is planned. Contributions
are also possible online if desired.

Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Interpretationsforschung, Seilerstätte 26, 1010 Wien
Lehrgang für elektroakustische und experimentelle Musik, Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien

Abstracts (up to 4,000 characters) with a short biography (including contact information) are requested by October 30, 2021 via email to: xenakis2022 -at-

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