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NID Archives invites you to join in for the last session of the E.A.T. in
India series, of the Archives Public Programs 2021-22.

Session 05 - The Migration of Monobirds: From Ahmedabad to Xenon and beyond
| You Nakai | Friday, Oct 1st, 19:30 hours (in India)

Webinar link:;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!QjLQNlle8M8_jPN76D475ZubJyuD9P20ecJb7UC1OBt_DfZ-u8E-mRDfSNy26r5I__2ykalaSw$ 

This session will focus on one particular recording David Tudor made during
his stay at NID in late 1969 using the Moog Synthesizer he had installed in
India's first electronic music studio. Although Tudor personally disliked
the Moog, after circumstances pushed him to perform with the instrument, he
recorded what he did and subsequently used the same recording as a sound
source in various performances across the 1970s. Analysis of recordings,
photographs, diagrams, schematics, and recollections, reveals the
unexpected trajectory of this recording he called "Monobird," and may offer
a thought or two about putting archives to good use.

The Archives Public Programs inaugural series taps into the period of the
E.A.T. happenings in India, retracing the historical trajectories and
residues of the exchanges that took place then. Through an assembly of
online lectures, conversations, revisitations and performances, the series
is an attempt to re-read the ‘E.A.T. in India’ chapter from our
contemporary location.

You Nakai makes music and musicians, dance and dancers, haunted musical
mansions, nursery rhymes, and other forms of performances as a member of No
Collective (, and publishes experimental children’s books
written by children and other literary oddities as a member of Already Not
Yet ( No Collective has been selected by the Leonardo
Music Journal (MIT Press) as one of the musicians under 40 who is doing
interesting things with technology and is currently conducting a virtual
ensemble in residency at the University of Virginia working with composers
to create music that can only be performed and experienced on Zoom. Aside
from his artistic activity, You has been engaged in extensive research on
David Tudor’s music, the results of which have been recently compiled into
a book titled *Reminded by the Instruments: David Tudor’s Music* (Oxford
University Press, 2021). The companion website ( contains many photographs of instruments,
redrawn diagrams, and transcripts of interviews and talks by Tudor.


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