Non-NU Email
Good gentles all,

As you may have seen, the Crown List has just been posted to both the Kingdom webpage and to the Kingdom FB group. And a fine list of combatants and consorts it is.

Your hard-working tournament heralds will try our best to not butcher name pronunciations, but we are only human. We need your help. If you have already sent your name pronunciations to [log in to unmask], I thank you for your prompt assistance. However, if you have not done so and think it wouldn't hurt for us to have a refresher, please send your name pronunciations, titles, and preferred pronouns to the above email address. Or, alternatively, you can contact me privately via a direct response.

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance. We heralds look forward to helping you put on the best tournament we possibly can. Ever in service,

Kennari Johann Steinarsson
Battleur Herald

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