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FYI: We'll be hiring for a tenure track position here at the U of Wisconsin - Eau Claire later this year. Please ask if you have any questions. Thanks Everybody.;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!UZLbaz369muZWNCrUtl0V1tLMl7-s88HaIsvfum6iIkhbq3w3ZhVlAqB-MEVRZgxntLwXA$ 
Economics: Assistant Professor | Job Postings<;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!UZLbaz369muZWNCrUtl0V1tLMl7-s88HaIsvfum6iIkhbq3w3ZhVlAqB-MEVRZgxntLwXA$ >
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire economics department invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position starting August 22...;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!UZLbaz369muZWNCrUtl0V1tLMl7-s88HaIsvfum6iIkhbq3w3ZhVlAqB-MEVRZjNVlWmRA$ 

Dr. Thomas Kemp

Professor and Department Chair

Department of Economics

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Eau Claire, WI 54702

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715 836 2150