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Dear Afeefolks,

My new Economic Principles book is currently being printed, and will be available for spring classes. You will find that, although the structure is similar to standard mainstream texts, the book is pluralistic throughout. It offers heterodox and mainstream approaches to all major topics, including micro, macro and the history of economic ideas. This includes chapters on Marx and Veblen, mainstream and heterodox theories of the firm, material on heterodox macro (Post-Keynesian, MMT, Marxian) alongside New Keynesian and supply-side approaches, and so on. 

I have worked very hard to make the material easily accessible to introductory students. This includes going very carefully through economic models, such as how graphs work and the assumptions behind them. The book focuses extensively on policy debates, offering heterodox, mainstream (New Keynesian) and laissez-faire perspectives on the minimum wage, fiscal policy and government debt, monetary policy, trade and protectionism, the environment, inequality, public goods, and other issues. 

I also have PowerPoint lectures, classroom exercises, and lots of problem sets and answer keys available that I will share with anyone who is interested. I've been teaching with this material for a number of years and have amassed lots of supplements in the process.

For more information and to request an examination copy, go to

Geoff Schneider
Presidential Professor and Co-Chair of Economics at Bucknell University
Executive Director, ICAPE
Office: 128 Academic West       
Phone: 570-577-1666
Mailing Address: 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837