Non-NU Email
Hi Mag Mor--this is rough because I don't  know how to do a PDF
Friday-I'll be there with keys Friday afternoon  around 4PM

Friday afternoon --we need people to:
Set up Fighter's Field and Baronial sunshade
Put out signs on road 
Put signs up in Expo Building
Put out Hospitality baskets
Set up goodie table

Registration table 7pm to 10 pm Fri evening____________________

Saturday Morning
Royals Laisson   ____Fasti____
Set up Children's Activities ____Jean____ &  ___Morgana___
Coordinate A & S Competition in morning & count votes at 3:30 ______________________
We need people to:
Set up & fill water jugsthermoses in Expo building & fighters field and check & refill as needed thru day (This can trade off with more than 2 people)__________________&____________________
Staff noon Inn_________________________
  Gwyneth      _________________________
  (Need 5-6)   _________________________
Registration table 8AM to 10AM Sat Cera and Leofwyna and _________________  and ____________________

10 to 2PM Sat  Cera & Leofwyna  (2 should be able to handle things after court/tourney starts)

Sunday Morning-- We desperately need people to :
Clean up site starting  9-AM--this goes quickly with many willing hands.

I'll add things as I think of them.  Email me with what you want to do and I'll add your name to the list.  Thanx so  much everyone.  Remember--if you work hard at your home event, you can play at other events with a clear conscience.

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