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Not the total number of species discovered every year – we only guess and do not know, because we have no way of keeping track of what is even published.


However, Plazi liberates new species and many other taxa from ongoing publications and older literature, see

This numbers are based on taxonomic treatments that have been extracted and thus are available. See here a list of 100 for 2021 or if you want to explore a bit further, download all of them

The Document  UUID is the persistent identifier for each taxonomic treatment of a new species.


Or if you want to explore, find your way through  and discover 200,000 additional new species or new taxa. Most come along with illustrations.


You can contribute and publish your new descriptions so it ends up here, but even better in GBIF to end up as one more treatment article dataset, and thus contributing directly to make GBIF and soon together with COL the reference to turn to ask such questions.











Here is the source:

IISE (International Institute for Species Exploration). 2011. Retro SOS 2000 –

2009: A Decade of Species Discovery in Review. International Institute for

Species Exploration, Tempe, AZ.







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Subject: How many new species are described every year ?


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Greetings friends,


This morning I hosted a group visit of the museum. As I was talking about biodiversity and new species we keep describing, one of them caught me with a very basic question: How many new species are described every year (on average)? I know we can browse through Zoological Record and its equivalent databases for plants and microorganisms, but has there been a published article answering and discussing this topic?


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