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Art (or anyone else who works with these programs),

What about color management? Do Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo let you embed ICC color profiles, convert between profiles, and make custom color settings (like setting dot gain, ink limit, GCR, UCR, etc.)?

If they do allow color management, do they include the industry standard profiles like SWOP, US Sheetfed, Toyo, etc. for CMYK work? Since they’re not Adobe products, I wonder if they let you use Adobe RGB (my preferred RGB color space) or if you’re stuck with something like sRGB?

I’ve always been concerned that, if I used one of these non-Adobe products, I’d still have to have the Creative Cloud subscription to do sophisticated prepress work and color management. I have a lot of students who like to work in Procreate on the iPad, but they still have to bring their files into Photoshop to do color management and a few other settings.

As an academic, I get the discounted educational price without having to cancel and renew every year. I also do so much work in Photoshop and Illustrator that it more than justifies the cost. But it would be interesting to explore these alternatives.


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Hi Gail,

I wouldn’t expect a problem. Designer exports to a standard variety of formats including PSD, PDF, and EPS.

These formats originate with Adobe and are industry standards.

Full disclosure, I’m retired and haven’t had to send anything to an offset printer in years. However a quick Google search hasn’t turned up much in the way of complaints on that score. I would expect rafts of outrage if it were a problem, but who knows...

Conversely, I so far haven’t had any trouble importing Adobe files into Affinity, including a .AI file I just now opened.

Affinity Designer is perhaps a bit behind Affinity Photo as an Adobe replacement. Until recently you couldn’t select vectors globally by property (color, etc.) which was a huge annoyance, especially for maps and complex designs. That feature is available now and seems to be working OK.

Other than that, for me the main caveat, already mentioned, was the switch in philosophy regarding user interface,

  - Art -

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Do you know what the compatibility factor is? I.e., if I get Affinity Designer and create a file, then send it to a printer or fabricator who only has Adobe capabilities, would they have any issues opening and working with my file? I would assume that would be built in but.... 



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