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There is a 30,000 pixel limit on the Photoshop format. You can save in the “Large Document Format” if you need to go bigger (19ft x 150dpi = 34,200px)

You will probably want to work in sections where you have lots of layers otherwise you will have slow response when moving and painting the image, then collapse to few layers when you copy it over into the very large final composition.

You might be able to work the background at a maybe 140dpi to get under the PSD file format limit, then cut out overlapping pieces and up-res those a bit since they are background and can afford to be a little less detailed, use those in the vertical print strips, then compose foreground images over those at final resolution (15ft x 3ft x 150dpi?).  Working in strips can be a little tricky when you have things that need to cross the strip lines, that is why you would compose in wider areas you cut out from the back ground image. They you need to collapse the foreground layers the end and synchronize image placement across the cut lines… I assume you are doing a lot of discreet object you can paint in smaller documents, then collapse the layers and copy over to you final strips with the background

I am not certain what size the strips are, I know there are large printers that can do maybe 54 inch wide strips, there may be larger…

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Hi all,

I have not done a really large digital piece in a quite a while.  This one is to be 15 x 19 feet, printed wallpaper style and and stuck on a wall.  Will be seen from fairly up close for 2 years.   Doing the illustration in Photoshop.  I'd appreciate any advise on file dimensions and resolution.  Actual size at 300 dpi?  Lower res.? 50% smaller at 300dpi?


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