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If a Macbook Pro, be warned that it has (at least as recently as 2020) well-known issues with its trackpad and random unpredictable cursor spasms. Using a wired or bluetooth mouse sidesteps the problem.

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Hello gang,

I was fortunate enough to finish a project recently and have a modest payday to purchase a new MAC.

My older MAcPro and Macbook Pro both handle files and workload easily, but I'm having compatibility issues with the older OS system and Creative Suite and Painter programs.

So do I really need a MacPRo? Would the latest iMAc work as well? And what about the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro options?? Again, for Photoshop and Painter do I **need** the M1 MAX chip?

My head is spinning. Before I make the decision, I was wondering if anyone wanted to weigh in with their own thoughts.



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