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Here's my 2 cents:  I've had to diversify my art/illustration career. Since
I've always been a teacher, that is what I depend upon for my income,
albeit not lucrative, but very valuable for networking. Some of the most
interesting people I have met have been my students. I have also worked
with scientists for specific commissions but they are sporadic and many of
them have been in serendipity situations, i.e. where I have been at the
Peabody Museum and found folks who are in need of illustrators.
Volunteering in Natural History Museums is a good way to meet scientists
and if you have a specialty, to inquire if there is work.
Agreed, artists and scientists are a similar breed. They are inquisitive,
friendly, open to new ideas, love minutiae,
and understand each other. I have never had a bad experience working with a
So my advice, follow your passions and eventually things will happen. Yes
it does help to have a stash of $$ while you are pursuing your passion! 😊


Dorie Petrochko
Senior Instructor-Natural Science Illustration Program
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
170 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
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> Non-NU Email
> Hi everyone,
> I’m putting together two short videos (+/- 8 min each) about scientific
> illustration. The first is a guided tour of the areas of science that use
> illustration, from a somewhat quirky personal perspective and with examples
> from my work and that of others. The second video is about what it takes to
> be a scientific illustrator, so a look inside the profession, and here is
> where I’d love your opinions.
> In talking about the profession, I want to at least mention how one
> promotes one’s work, how to find clients, especially for those just
> starting out. And my problem is that I’m not at all up to date in this
> sense, I’ve been coasting on existing clients for years now (plus I’ve
> reduced my work load to part-time).
> Would these be the right things to mention? Are there others not aware of?
> :
> 1) On line portfolio and social media presence a must, but how to get
> potential clients to one’s site? What is the current version of a cold
> call, a nice email offering one’s services?
> 2) There are opportunities to get in front of art buyers such as those
> offered by
> 3) Word-of-mouth still important. Meeting researchers whether by visiting
> or going to meetings of a favorite specialty, volunteering at institutions
> (museums, zoos, etc).
> 4) Network! Join the GNSI, find any local groups that are active in
> science communication, take workshops, get to now colleagues and get tips
> from them. Plus sometimes someone may not be able to take on a job, or it’s
> not their field of expertise, and might pass it on to you.
> Also, would you agree that it’s fair to say that if your main goal is to
> become rich, you might as well flee the field as fast as your legs can take
> you? Sure one can make a living, but rich? Very unlikely. The tradeoff
> being a nicer bunch of colleagues than you’ll find anywhere, since everyone
> is in it because they’re passionate about it.
> Looking forward to your opinions!
> Warm greetings from Spain
> Hannah
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