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I assume a "seal" has formed somewhere. The first place I would try to break it would be between the drawer and the runners it is sitting on. Some insect dissecting kits include a scalpel like instrument. If you have one of those, or maybe a forceps, I'd try drawing that between the drawer and the runners (take out enough drawers below the stuck one so you can get access.

-Bob Zuparko

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Hi everyone,


I hope that this email will lead to a miracle.  I have an old Cornell insect drawer stuck in the top slot of an old Lane cabinet.  I can’t remember this particular drawer ever creating issues before….but now it will not slide out.  To make things worse, there are tipulids and limoniids in the drawer, and we need to climb a ladder or step stool to reach the top slot “safely”.  We tried moving the drawer up and down from the front and wiggling it around as much as we could.  We tried sliding spatulas between the drawer runners as far back as we could reach.  We cannot figure out why it’s stuck in there, it just won’t slide out.  It seems it is maybe stuck on the bottom right runner.


Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or suggestions on what I could try to get this drawer out safely? 


Thanks in advance 😊


Janis N. Matsunaga


Plant Pest Control Branch

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