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Off the coast of New Hampshire is the Isles of Shoals and Appledore Island, where in the late 1800s the poet Cecilia Thaxter had her famous salons and invited many artists. Childe Hassam was among them and illustrated her book, An Island Garden. Every August the Shoals Marine Laboratory which manages the island, offers public programs. One is Seascapes and Landscapes, taking place August 21-25 on Appledore Island, Maine. The Shoals Marine Laboratory is operated by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire and dedicated to onsite undergraduate studies in the summer months.

For artists that love the awesomeness of nature and the sea, this is a fantastic place to draw and paint. There are many ocean species specimens, skulls, and skeletons to study, along with sea tables with live specimens. I, along with another watercolor artist and teacher, Bill Paarlburg, will be the instructors for the week, but participants are free to paint on their own. It is an opportunity to experience nature and art together in a very unique location. I thought I’d mention it here for anyone that might be interested. There are a few spots left and the closing date is August 1.

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